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Welcome, Southern Oregon Compost (SOC) provides high quality compost, turning your clean yard debris into productive landscaping materials. We also provide bark, pumice and soils for landscaping.  


Recommended Uses for Compost


Compost is primarily used for breaking up clay and compacted soils to provide aeration, tilth and water penetration, thereby improving root development. Compost also works well as a top mulch for dressing planting beds, holding in moisture, and reducing weeds.



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Yard Debris Accepted


$2 min, $1 per yard 

SOC accepts clean yard debris, grass, leaves, pruning's, brush,

 trees (6'  max. length), and horse manure. 

We do not accept: plastic, sod, stumps, rocks, or garbage. 

We charge $2 min, $1 per yard, for dropping off material. SOC grinds this material and adds only Dairy and Horse manure. It is then windrowed, cooked, turned, and screened into Compost. Neither sewer sludge nor bio-solids are used.


Current Product Offering


Compost: $35 per yd, $25 per 1/2 yd, screened to 1/2 inch minus

It is excellent for amending soils, mulching, and holding in the moisture in the ground. Can be used for flowerbeds, small containers, or other uses for a fine textured compost. We have followed the guidelines followed by Oregon Tilth in the making of our Compost and this allows the use of our compost on Organic Farms.

Garden Compost: $20 per yd min, screened to 1/2 inch minus 

Organic compost made from local yard debris and garden matter dropped off at SOC.

Garden Mulch: $15 per yd min, 1/2 to 3 inch clean  

Oversized mulch screened from Garden compost. To be used as a ground cover. (check for availability)

Dairy Manure: $25 per yd, $15 per 1/2 yd  

Is fine textured and easy to handle.


Amended Topsoil: $30 per yd, $20 per 1/2 yd

A premium soil that is amended with compost.

Raised Bed Mix: $35 per yd, $25 per1/2 yd

A 50/50 mix of loam and compost. Will reduce in volume due to high organic content.

Potting Soil: $40 per yd, $30 per 1/2 yd

A blend of loam, pumice and compost. About 35% organic matter. To be used in barrels, pots, raised boxes, etc.


Soil-less Potting Soil: $100 per yd, $60 per 1/2 yd

A blend of Cocount Coir Fiber, pumice, compost, and 10 lbs per yard of All Purpose Organic Fertilizer. To be used in small and large containers, pots, raised boxes, etc.

Fine Red Bark: $25 per yd, $15 per 1/2 yd  

A fine decorative red bark that beautifies, controls weeds and retains moisture.

3/4 Bark Nuggets: $35 per yd, $25 per 1/2 yd

Decorative red bark nuggets, often used in play areas and pathways.

Walk on Fir: $30 per yd, $20 per 1/2 yd

Stringy pieces of red bark and wood to be used as ground cover, helps retain moisture and excellent on slopes to control erosion.


Sawdust: $22 per yd, $15 per 1/2 yd  

Primaily used as a bedding for animals.  Can also be used as mulch for blueberries.

Pumice: $35 per yd, $25 per 1/2 yd #2 horticultural grade.

Used for aeration in soil and mixes.

We are now carrying Down to Earth Natural Fertilizers.


All products may be purchased by the gallon.



Prices, specifications, availability, and hours of operation subject to change without notice. All sales are final, no refunds and no returns on product purchased. 7/13/2013



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